Come on America !! What is Happening?

  I am so angry that our country  has become a place where Americans (San Francisco, CA) are killed by an American in their place of work. Hard working men, women and teens wake and head to their jobs to earn a paycheck to support their families, pay for schooling or to have some walk around money in the pockets.  And once again the police must show up to the homes to pass on to their loved ones the a family member, a friend or an acquaintance will not be coming home.

  I now I had to get on the web to learn about this terrible crime and the fact this person kills fellow workers and takes his own life.  What a loser.  How this took place is covered extremely well by the 

San Francisco Chronicle

By Evan Sernoffsky, Filipa Ioannou and Steve Rubenstein

and I recommend this coverage if you want more information. 

  Now to the story that is being covered by all the news centers and you can search your networks to catch the updates.  This is an American who is apparently so feed up that he decided to try and kill some of the Congressmen practicing for the annual Dems vs Reps baseball game that raises money for many needy causes.  

  I hear everyone calling for the Parties to come together.  They ask for prayers for the injured and I know they truly mean it.  I would say the not only do we need prayers for the victims but I suggest we need a true revival of the christian beliefs the lead our early settlers to come to America so they could worship as they wanted to.  

  I want to be clear this is my position regarding a Christian Revival in America.  It is my hope that those who believe in a higher being will pray for a healing of  our Country and that it comes quickly.

 Papa Out


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Just turned 64 and I am still trying to learn how to make a good site. So this a part of my learning curve.
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