I can hear ….

Today I visited the Audiology Department at my clinic.  I had my hearing tested 2 weeks ago and today is the day I got my hearing aids. I did have a hearing aid for my left ear but it was lost in a move.  Well, now I am 64 years old and my insurance covers a 50% of the costs so the decision was to get both ears set up.

I know technology is changing but this blows my mind.  I sit down with my MD and he explains how we can tune each ear to work together to help my hearing.  So he goes through the set up and I am able to see and hear how the get each ear’s sound set and then how they work together. 

So now I am test driving them for 14 days and then my MD will once again check to  see how they work and more importantly if I want to add setting for watching TV, talking on a phone, at a sporting event and the list goes on.  Right now I use the auto setting for volume and the mute setting that I can use when I don’t want background noise.

I will update this so you all can follow my adventure with my new hearing aids.

Well, it is time to say PAPA’s Out.


About Papa Stu

Just turned 64 and I am still trying to learn how to make a good site. So this a part of my learning curve.
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