Wow Does My Age Show

As I started looking at my site, my hands started to sweat and my eyes got a little foggy. It took me right back to where I was at when I shut down my site last year. I remember saying, “Oh heck ! Give it time and it will certainly be easier the next time through.” Guess what, that didn’t happen and here are some of the things I struggled with:

  • At 64 years old, I have learned to follow the directions post on the help screen.  So why is it that the help directions are even harder than just scraping the old Site.  You know, out with the old and in with the new.  Even with help from the Help Team I still seemed to mess it up.  Some would say I didn’t listen well, to that I say my hearing aids will be ready on the 30th.
  • Why should I have a counter ?  When I only have about 6 followers or some of the readers are looking to exapand there reach.  I am sure I could have many readers that think “if people read this blog or page or whatever they call it, they will certainly read mine.”
  • Now, I need to write a better profile.  I guess people were shocked that I didn’t surf, workout using the racing bikes (led by someone who had me out f the class in the first 5 minutes.  Oh should I have to apologize for asking for the bike with the jumbo seat ?  No wonder they don’t have many full figured guys riding with them as they fly through many of the stages of the Tour de France.  It dose cause us some problems as we try to sitdown on the high tech bicycle (a big bump will send us crying foul as the other racers are by now a couple miles ahead of us).
  • I have tried to add a couple pictures to fancy things up. Again, this procedure is way beyond me and I could care less, my skills with the written word will paint a picture that will keep everyone on the edge of their chairs.  I use the “How to Keep Your Audiance Connected”.  Tons of tools.  Oh, I forgot to say this is one of many of my For Dumbies Series (Where is my spell check !!!) although I was told not to worry about spelling.  Where the heck is spell check?
  • Enough of this, I will keep you posted on other items I run into as I see different items that I need to understand.

We have had very mild winter so far and soon it will be April showers for May flowers.  I wonder how the Flower business would do if they switched Father’s Day and Mother’s Day around?  For the old Man, it doesn’t really matter which month he gets a 6 pack and a tie.  But not have flowers to plant until June wouldn’t as Mom would have to wait until the middle of July to add WEED the GARDEN to eveyone’s to do list.

Alright, I could be overstating some things but, by the time I get this far I already forgot what I was writing about anyways.  

So I will sign out and wish you all a great day and the rest of the week.  

Papa Out.

p.s.- Don’t forget your Lental services






About Papa Stu

Just turned 64 and I am still trying to learn how to make a good site. So this a part of my learning curve.
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